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Here are a few examples of the types of repair jobs I see.

This is a picture of a clients sterling silver and turquoise bracelet. She had owned it for years but one of the leaves had gotten lost so she decided to have me remove the remaining leaf and replace them both with new leaves I would craft in a similar fashion.

Here is the rough fabricated leaf before attatching and finishing.

Here is the finished bracelet with both leaves replicated and welded in place. My client was quite happy.

Often, I am asked to recreate a piece of jewelry made from old jewelry which holds sentimental value. Here is one such project. The client wished for a pin which could also be worn as a pendant. I was able to design this piece using only her gold and gemstones. This is not always possible dependant on the desired outcome but it worked in this case and my client was tickled.

In the picture below you can see a fully restored vintage 14K yellow gold and ruby ring. When It arrived, well, you can see the worn out original shank next to it. That bright little ruby in the center was missing as well as any metal to set it in. I replaced the worn shank with a brand new heavier piece, welded so there would be no visible seams. Then fabricated a little bezel which I soldered to the top, and was then able to set the ruby into. This ring can expect many more years of enjoyment now!

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