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Tri-Metal Cuff Bracelet

Tri-Metal Cuff Bracelet

Now available only at Artizanns Gifts From the Fingerlakes
118 N. Main St., Naples, NY 14512 585-374-6740

This is a cuff bracelet I created using the same technique I used for the Tri-Metal Heart Brooch. I used strips of Argentium Silver, copper and bronze and welded them , connecting in the center, to a sturdy bronze frame. Accenting across the surface are domes of bronze, Argentium silver and copper - also welded securely. On either end I welded on a plate of copper/silver mokume gane.

Once again, contrasting colors and textures - a common theme with my work - give this bracelet a timeless and versatile look.

At just under 1.5" at the widest point and having an inside diameter of 2.5" across this cuff bracelet gives a lot of look while not overwhelming large. It was though a rather overwhelming long process to make so it may be some time before I make another. Get it while you can - there isn't another one like it anywhere!
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