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Custom work has been my passion and the impetus behind my desire to open my own studio for years. For most of my career the materials I was allowed to work with were dictated to me by my bosses and the kind of business they were running which was all "fine jewelry", meaning gold, platinum and a little silver with a fairly narrow range of gem materials. Since I've struck out on my own I have been delving deeply into many different materials, gems and metals. I feel this accomplishes several goals of mine - first and foremost is the fact that the greater volume of materials to work with simply creates a much larger "palate" from which to work. Second, these materials are generally much more affordable which allows me to keep my prices at a level that is far easier to purchase for most people than if I was limited to only "noble" metals and high end faceted gems and diamonds.  

This is not to say that I no longer work in the most precious materials, the fact is that my very favorite metal to work with is 14k & 18k yellow gold. I still build traditional jewelry like standard wedding sets and am happy to "customize" using quality manufactured components with diamonds and precious gemstones. My clients whose tastes run more to the traditional appreciate that this type of work is something I have years of experience with so I'm careful, competent and I have the ability to price those precious materials better, in most cases, than a larger traditional-only jewelry store. With me you get the benefit of either working in or out of the box. 








































For any questions regarding custom work, please contact me at Thank you!

Shown here is a recent custom request for an engagement ring which needed to fit a specific esthetic look and a strong emotional tie. The young man wished to use a beautiful rose cut diamond which he had sourced for himself. He and his intended (now bride) both have a love for the natural and organic so the inclusions only add to the beauty. For the ring itself the two of them provided me with gold passed down from each side of the family. This tied it all together to be the strong symbol of thier unity. 

I am happy to have had a chance to play a small part in the beginning to their clearly bright future together.


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