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Jewelry Design and Repair

I've been creating and repairing jewelry for nearly three decades now and still find it obsesses me. I started out in a job shop learning the basics of repair and gem setting from a couple of really talented craftsmen. After four years I decided I needed to stretch out a little and moved on to a small boutique shop where I got my first experiences in designing. This was a really dynamic time for me as I had fairly free reign to explore a variety of techniques and prepared me for my next move.
Unfortunately, after two years in this shop the partners went seperate ways. I was left to basically run the place single-handed for the last few months we were in business. It was hectic but a good experience.
Next, I moved on to a small "mom-and-pop" owned shop where I settled in for the next 15 years plus. The time I spent there was put to good use. I was challenged repeatedly to take my skills to higher levels and began to develop a devoted following. It always gratified me to hear my clients tell me how much they had come to trust my skills and would not think of taking their precious valuables to anyone else. Seeing the look in their eyes when I handed them a restored piece of antique jewelry or a one-of-a-kind design was something I treasured. Having the chance to take part in so many important occasions, whether it was a custom designed wedding set or breathing new life into a treasured article handed down for generations, it always gave me a thrill and continues to do so to this day.

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